Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony

Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening CeremonyCricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony. Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony. Word Cup 2011 Opening ceremony online.

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  1. Maqsood_ksa says:

    india will chance

  2. CHINTHIKA says:


  3. Mehboob says:

    all indian look at the forest……..hahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Aftabshams says:

    jab apni baari aegi saari duniya hil jaegi……..(pakistan)

  5. Shohelraana says:


    Dear viewers,

    I fancy-Always-good perform & heard them–Insa-allah-………–sonly success in life (Bangladesh). I believe it. Always prayer them.

  6. Kakal Uddin36 says:

    bangladesh jet by insha allh ahmara bangladeshe pare sob keso

  7. Akarsh_cs says:


  8. Rtrmukut says:

    tigers will hit…………….mukut,ctg

  9. Hamid says:

    or siddu bhi yar aap ne to dill hi tor dia hum Pakistanio ka

  10. Hamid says:

    Best Of Luck any team except Australia I Want k AUS Bangladesh se Harey

  11. Dassi_ram says:

    arey u guys dnt wry my INDIA will not give u chance to lift the world cup…..better luck nin next life time…..

  12. zaheeruddin says:

    Inshaallah, I hope Bangladesh will get world cup. Ameen………..

  13. Akashnirob says:

    My bangladesh you will get world cup,insha allah.

  14. Umarbaby34 says:

    Srilankawil win the cup.

  15. Joniiqbal says:

    Bangladesh joy hok

  16. Siddu_r says:

    cup should not go to pak n to bangaldesh i would b happy if d cup goes to any team except these 2 teams

  17. cute baby says:

    inshallah pak will b at finall

  18. Nasir Khan says:

    Inshallah Pakistan win this world cup

  19. Abdullah says:

    Bangladesh should go to finals

  20. Rohan Malik says:

    best final ever !
    india vs pakistan

  21. Rajesh Rithu says:

    Good , All the best to everyone

  22. Owaisjaved36 says:

    worldcup final pak vs eng

  23. ayaz(gulali) says:

    amazing ceremoney in daka babgladesh

  24. Ali Ahmed says:

    In my opinion the ceremony was quite bland and dull.

  25. Momin_1100 says:


  26. Rohit says:

    codemaster has had too much paki weed

  27. jason556 says:

    Dude what are you talking about? This is from a Paki channel?

  28. CodeMaster says:

    you will notice

    in this promo and video

    PAKISTAN and its artists and team has not been even mentioned.

    This is the amount of hate of brainwashed bengali government for Pakistan