India vs Australia Highlights 7th ODI – 2013 – 2nd November

India vs Australia 7th ODI Cricket Highlights 2013. India vs Australia Cricket Highlights 7th ODI 2013 2nd November Bangalore. Ind vs Aus, Australia tour of India 2013 Cricket Highlights.

India Squad: 1 Rohit Sharma, 2 Shikhar Dhawan, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Suresh Raina, 5 Yuvraj Singh, 6 MS Dhoni (capt & wk), 7 Ravindra Jadeja, 8 R Ashwin, 9 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 10 Jaydev Unadkat, 11 Mohammed Shami.

Australia Squad: 1 Aaron Finch, 2 Phillip Hughes, 3 Shane Watson, 4 George Bailey (capt), 5 Adam Voges, 6 Glenn Maxwell, 7 Brad Haddin (wk), 8 James Faulkner, 9 Nathan Coulter-Nile, 10 Clint McKay, 11 Xavier Doherty.

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India vs Australia Highlights 7th ODI – 2013 – 2nd November

India vs Australia 7th ODI highlights 2013

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  2. HONEY says:


  3. irshad says:

    India is a good team I like team India and Ms Dhoni

  4. wadood says:

    india bad

  5. Irfan juno says:

    India vs aus series match highlights

  6. Haroon khan says:

    i like india cricket team

  7. qasim bhatti from malo patiyal says:

    india is very god team

  8. Anonymous says:

    This coming world cup is in Australia so all teams have pressure of Australian team because the cat becomes lion in its homeland….

  9. India mera lorra says:

    Pakistan say tu series Nahi jeet sakti app ki sting batting line up tuss hoti hay

    • Anonymous says:

      pakistani kutte bhokte bahut H. unko pata H ki baap baap hota H. or pakistani kutte k kutte hote H. unki puch kabhi sidhi nhi ho sakti,

  10. prince says:

    There is no other team which can defeat india. Worlds best ever team india. I hope India will be india as winners for ever and ever. Jai ho india, jai ho india.

  11. Prashant varanasi says:

    Strong indian batting lineup once again proved

  12. ehsan says:

    com to play pakistan how storng

  13. pawan bawdiwala says:

    Ye best team hai.rohit. Virat. best bastman hai.

  14. Thirumalesh G S says:

    this is one of the most great victory for india

  15. Azizkhanlax says:

    Indian team is great and very powerfull team

  16. Prashant chaudhary says:

    India cricket team is best-best aur only best.

  17. Prashant chaudhary says:

    Mujhe ummid nahi thi ki allrounder faulkjner aisy pari khelenge, pehele mujhe lag raha tha ki INDIA 150 ya usse jyada rano se jitega, aus. ke player ke bad ek out hote ja rahe the, aur jab faulkner utre, toh mujhe laga india ka jeetna muskil hai,aise halanto main india ne apna bharosa kayam rakha jisse india ne 3-2 se badat hasil ki.

  18. sameer muskaan says:

    I love u muskaan

  19. Anonymous says:

    Maza aa gaya.yaar

  20. Sanjay says:

    India’s team is best compare with other cuntory team

  21. Jitu Panda says:

    Runs made by Rohit is like the mt.Everest of runs where anyone can ever reach.

  22. Ruchi says:

    What a match! Surprising!

  23. Jitu says:

    Runs made by Rohit is like the mt.Everest of runs where anyone can ever reach.

  24. tarakjaiswal says:

    what a superb innings by Rohit ……………..?

  25. BHASKAR MAHATA says:


  26. gowtham says:

    this is one of the most great victory for india

  27. Cricfan from U.S says:

    Rohit abhi bacha hai.. Ye to sunna hoo ga ke (bacha baap se aage jate jate gharri(car) ke nechay ajata hai. Ye hi hall Rohit ka hay. 200 banaya to kiya ? Sahwag ne bi to 200 banaya tha kidar giya? Mar to nahi diya us ko? Ganguli ko bhi isi sazish kar ke kha gaye. Sirf aik Sachin me apni carrier complete kiya. Sale Indians jab India Jetti to Shabash or jab harri to kutte ki tarhan treat karte ko tum loag.
    But anyways it was great match. Even I was with Australia and they lost that’s ok no one is perfect.
    Just few months or years ago I remember pakistan destroyed Australia exact same team squad as they have now so right now they are just in weak conditions. Every team has rise and fall era so nothing to worry about.
    Late 70s-80s great team was West Indies look at them now weak coz no great players anymore except for Gayle.
    Then I don’t know until late 90s to 2000+ Austrailia was on its peak ( great era of Ricky Ponting) Australia was shocked when he retired from team. It was sad day for Australia just like for India, when Sachin retired from team. So yeah, every team has good times and bad times. Australia is going through hard times… Greatness comes and goes away doesn’t stay for long times.

    • cricfan from India says:

      Hey Cric fab from US…the person who performs he stays and one who doesnt he doesnt stay in the team..simple…y is it o difficult to understand…just because Sehwag ne koi match mein 200 banaya tha..doesnt mean he takes his place for granted..I dont see any relevance of your other comments that you have made below..And about this comment you made”Sale Indians jab India Jetti to Shabash or jab harri to kutte ki tarhan treat karte ko tum loag”
      This makes me feel that you are a pakistani…mere dost..Pakistan bhi aise hi team ko chadata hain jab wo jeete hain but when they lose to kutte ki tarah hi treat karti hain..Go read the news as to how Afridi was treated because he lost a match to India…dude get your facts right and dont get emotional…Right now..its time of the Indian it

  28. king says:

    you can clearly judge that jhonson was sent back in order to please india to win and give the diwali gift to indian people….cricket has become a crap when it has come under indian control…totally fixed match

  29. RAGAVA GUPTA says:

    that’s india power

  30. GONDLIYA NIRAJ says:

    indian tema was back :)

  31. nimra says:

    muj sy friendship krao my namber is 0315-4669530

  32. luqman says:

    bring umesh yadav and varun arun..india need some pace…selectors listening

  33. mr patel says:

    when teams go to india everything is against them firstly the climate they all feel a lil sick also the pitches and suited for the indians and our bowlers are all rubbish to be honest the bowlers in world cricket are mainly poor the indian team is not really an indian team its a politically setup team where all players come from wealthy families players from the slums are much better klusner , mcgrath, donald murali warne walsh ambrose gillespie akhtar younis lee akram the bowlers now are not in that class these

  34. Shiv says:

    Jaruri Hai Bowlling per Dyan Do Kyoki Agla World Cup Australia Aur new Zeeland me Hai Zaheer Munaf Aur Irfan R P Singh Ki Vapsi Jaldi Karo …. lene ke Dene Pad Jayenge

  35. Pranav says:

    Solid Great job from Batting side So Plz Focus on Bowlling Side why irfan Pathan Out of The Team …

  36. JAY PATEL says:


  37. shashi kumar says:

    Proud To Be an Indian….Hats OFF INDIAN TEAM…JAI HO!!!

  38. GEETA says:


  39. THARA says:

    LOVE U RAINA……………………….

  40. sanjayan says:

    superb india keep it up

  41. ASHOK says:

    Indians r striking

  42. avinash. says:


  43. sadhik says:

    India Ricking performance

  44. karthik says:

    blue indians’ku whisle podu ‘wow’

  45. BIRENDRA says:


  46. PAVANKALYAN says:


    • Anonymous says:


      • hammudiiii says:

        hahahhaahhaha bestttt jokeeee broooo

      • Anonymous says:

        Any team with wickets in hand can chase any total. So what is your point

      • Anonymous says:

        Abey dhakan. God helps those who helps themselves.

      • Pranav says:

        Right Anonymous batting ki vajah se bwoler ki kamjor chup gayi

      • bappu says:

        beta australia ke pass 10 wickets thi….. not a bad luck its a game depend on players power……….. or sher sher hota hai apne ghar ya tere ghar burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………

    • Anonymous says:

      remember dec 2012 :D DON’T forget the history bro :D

    • Obaid says:

      you just play in your own can’t play any were

    • vijay says:

      jai jind.. jai pawan

  47. Shrikant says:

    India team always rocking koli want to perform still better

  48. Anonymous says:

    We shouldn’t forget Dhawan.
    And, Yuvi and Raina needs to perform better plus Vinay Kumar should be replaced by U. Yadav

  49. Sahm says:

    Great knock by Rohit, after all this backing him up! Please get rid of Vinay Kumar. Bring in Mohit Sharma!!!

  50. manohar gavali says:

    only rohit…………….

  51. raj yadav says:

    Diwali ka tohfa pure desh ko

  52. Shafeek says:

    Dipawali celebration

  53. Shahid says:

    Devali dhamakka

  54. Abijith says:

    Best best only ind can do it to take 200 above score in odI

  55. jayvardhan N. says:

    diwali dmaka..

  56. Abhay malik says:

    Mohit Sharma need to in team India ..he is a good bowler

  57. Suresh KD says:

    Excellent perfomence

  58. MOWLA YOUSUF says:

    இந்தியன் கிரிக்கெட் பிளேயர் சூப்பர் இது திபாவளி ஸ்பெஷல்

  59. MOWLA YOUSUF says:

    Well said! Happy Diwali to you and all Indians around the globe

  60. Cricket fan says:

    @aussi best…I’m very sure indian team won’t wrap up for under 50 runs in a test inning in SA….lol. Learn to enjoy the game and appreciate the good match. Hope u remember 4-0 test match whitewash in india last year very lucky it wasn’t 7-0 this time as they would have something to celebrate befor poms kick the A@@@ downunder. Cheers mate.

  61. Anonymous says:

    @aussi best…I’m very sure indian team won’t wrap up for under 50 runs in a test inning in SA….lol. Learn to enjoy the game and appreciate the good match. Hope u remember 4-0 test match whitewash in india last year very lucky it wasn’t 7-0 this time as they would have something to celebrate befor poms kick the A@@@ downunder. Cheers mate.

  62. Danny says:

    If you know what I mean….

  63. Danny says:

    Indian Pakistani team wining doesn’t mean they r champions it just mean sombody throwing some piece of bone at their home matter of fact team like sa, aus and I would say only team from Asia Sri can play in any condition anywhere as true champion. so plz guys dnt be waisting ur time looking someone dancing front of his mother with some cheap food in their hand.

    • paklover says:

      Pakistani team can do everything everywhere. When Pakistani team won then they can shocked and if the r lose then they can shocked too..

  64. Anonymous says:

    great knock by faulkner

  65. Sathee says:


    • khan says:

      why do we not say that indian team,s betting is better than its poor bowling, any they win matches with a plausible luck.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I want to Indian team as player it’s my dreem my name is jasim tm enybedy can help me to join to the team pls my no 00971557570963

  67. Philip Rebello says:

    its a diwali gift from the men in blue, happy diwali to all of you, have fun……

  68. Aussies Best says:

    Arrogant Indians got a run for their money 3-2. Whatever happened to 7-0 or 5-0 counting the rain affected matches? Get your bags packing for South Africa soon, Steyn is waiting to finish you guys 4-0.

    • INDIARULES says:

      get a life you loser and get your head checked, Kohli, Dhawan will smack Steyn all over the ground, mark my word you loser and dream of beating the world champ

  69. Jack UK says:

    Look like u deliberately blocked it ?

    • Admin says:

      Why in the world would we need to block that part? Keep your prejudice to yourself.

  70. Jack UK says:

    Part 3 not at all loading dear admin

  71. Danny says:

    Cricket is a game of stupid ppl nd whoever watch super stupid…

  72. pavan says:

    grat job india

  73. Ali says:

    Very well played Aussies just balie mistake well played india too

  74. jay debmolsam says:

    i love cricket

  75. Tan says:

    Afridi ky pao ki dhol bhi nahi hy Rohit

    • good says:

      No good

    • jatt kharku says:

      baap baap hota hai saale

    • Anonymous says:

      toh koi pakistani aaj tak 200 kyo nahin bana paaya. Baaton se kaam kab tak chalaoge kuch kar ke bhi dikhao, ch****ya kahika

      • Tan says:

        agar itni himmat hy tou Pakistani bowlers ky agay bana kar dikhao 200 Runs Ghar ky sher aur Bahr ki billi

  76. usaf says:

    Part 6 is not working?

  77. ketan says:

    Only Indians can score double hundred in odi no player from other country.Hindustan jindabad.

  78. Jack says:

    Part 3 not working?

    • Admin says:

      It works. Just let it buffer for few seconds..

      • Jack UK says:

        Not seconds , waiting for ages! It’s totally blank

        • Admin says:

          Well it works for all the other users. You need flash player.

        • adsvell says:

          Might not be flash player, but flash Gordon himself to make it play

        • Anonymous says:

          Den U don’t need flash player to play other parts?of course I watch in I pad,

      • Taurian says:

        no admin i did wait for about 5 minutes for it to load but still it starts and stops. doesn’t buffer at all……and I do have flash player!

  79. Sahil from USA says:

    Afridi is phoos phoos now lmao

  80. Ram patel says:

    Nice batting rohit keep it up buddy

  81. Raj says:

    Afredi ka bap hai rohit

    • Tan says:

      Afridi ky pao ki dhol bhi nahi hy Rohit

      • Shekhar says:

        @Tan: first learn how to write man, then leave a comment.

        • jatt kharku says:

          afridi is mafia shoaib akhtar ka carrier khatm kr dia saala looser boom boom

      • INDIARULES says:

        Rohit ki lan hai afridi

        • salman khan(peshawar) says:

          beta afridi hit more sixes on india..78….best by any player against individual team….kuttay

    • cktlover says:

      koi shak nahi k rohit acha player hai. lekin afridi b kam nai jab wo ground me jae tu hr team k hr player aur crowd ki heatbeat barh jati hai…

  82. Kabi says:

    I want to watch

  83. rashid khan says:

    rohit playing very will.he is best player in word

  84. Indiarules says:

    Sabash Rohit and congrats men in Blue the world champ! Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli, India does not need any batsman, awesome, these three can beat the world. Happy DIWALI, JAY HIND!

    • ketan says:

      Well said! Happy Diwali to you and all Indians around the globe

  85. Anonymous says:

    Man of the series

    • Arman says:

      Rohit Sharma is GREAT….

      • salman khan(peshawar) says:

        india always made pitches for its team…..kabhi aao na dubai ya abu dhabi pata lagay ga……world best bowling side vs india…then see how many runs india make….ahahahahahahahah

        • Yo says:

          next time we will make pitches for some other team…..what a dumbass lol

        • salman khan(peshawar) says:

          india lost to pakistan in india 1-2 in india… was that….yo go and

        • salman khan(peshawar) says:

          yo u go and clean the pamper of kohli….ahahahahha…and told him junaid coming…hhahahaha

  86. Sahil from USA says:

    I don’t think aus will sleep tonight because a double hundred firecrackers are off every second. Lol. Best results for india. Aus one thing, U ain’t tha world power of cricket any more. That’s for sure

  87. sai mahankali says:

    hai this is sai from jblhills,hyd vjit college 1st year eee a/section rl no32 exspecilly ind well played exspecially viot he was excellent extrordinari energetic but he was failed this match & rohit played well he also good futur and talented and india team is rebel king most succes team (i am also extrordinary & good player and rocking batman i have reach succes and good coment selected india team32 e

    • sai mahankali says:

      ind congratlations happy diwali wishes to all peopls7 120 crores indian hearts

  88. ANISH says:

    आसटैलिया को पैट मे 5 मिनट करा देगा india

  89. Spidy says:

    India is Awesome! Well played RoHIT. Good job.

  90. Anonymous says:

    ye to afridi ki bay hat ka kam hay

    • Anonymous says:

      Fer koi double century lagai kio nhi

      • Anonymous says:

        coz afridi makes record nd dont looks for previous records

    • kk says:

      Pakistan saari team per 200 nahi bante..Yahan ek ne bana diye..Do you ve any comparison??…Kudos to team India

      • Shami says:

        pakistan can defend any total, n inida can chase any target….. aur comparison kia kerna bhai abhi last december india hi ja ker haraya tha :p bhool gye aap :D ?

      • cktlover says:

        Hey kk listen india team 383 bna kr b 57 runs se jeetta hai par pakistan 209 runs bna kr b 66 runs jeeta ha…. think about it

    • Indiarules says:


    • Anonymous says:

      afridi ka baya haath hai kya, 20 run ke upar mar dega to inaam doonga, barson se 10 run banathe hue nahin dekha use.

  91. Bhargav bhanvadiya says:

    Rohit is verygood batting and my best player i love you rohit

  92. Anonymous says: