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india vs Australia world cup warm up 2011India vs Australia Warm Up Match Highlights World Cup 2011 Cricket Highlights 13th February. Cricket World Cup 2011 India vs Australia Warm Up Highlights. Watch all World Cup Highlights.

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Australia faded off without a trace, as the Indian spinners won them yet another match.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a good mixture of young and old made their way to the fortress that is the Chinnaswamy Stadium- perhaps as a warm up for their own cheering skills- to watch the promising encounter between Australia and hosts India, facing off in a warm up game 6 days before the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.
Australia came out all guns blazing, but the same cannot be said about India’s batting- or their overall performance, for that matter. The Indian cricket team looked all but keen out in the middle and it reflected in their batting. Other than a typically aggressive innings from Sehwag at the top, no one else got going. Only Yusuf Pathan and Ashwin seemed to show some intent in the there, as the rest of India’s highly-rated batting order crumbled. Even the out-of-form players didn’t look like they were out to prove a point. The intensity was equivalent to any other warm-up session, if not lesser.
Australia will be happy with their bowlers as they held India back to 215.
They will, however, be wondering- as they always have while playing in India- why their batting against Indian spin was made to look like an Under-13 team that was forced into international cricket!
After a brilliant start at the top by Watson and Paine(who seems to keep getting better with every international game he plays) against a dead and uninterested fielding and bowling unit, bar Sreesanth, Australia will have some serious thinking to do as to why they weren’t heading in for an early night’s dinner. The silver lining, though, would be that skipper Ponting looks good to lead from the front. Besides that, it was a nothing performance and it was shocking to see the overwhelming vulnerability against spin.
Take nothing away from young Piyush Chawla though. There were a lot of questions raised about his $950,000 price tag in the IPL auction. He certainly made believers of doubters today.
Overall, neither side will be too happy after this game. Australia for their sudden loss of the grip they had and India for leaving too much for their spinners to do.
Dhoni will have to figure something out quick – batting wise and captaincy wise- if India are to maintain their tags as favorites. India will want to win the ICC World Cup 2011- but as a completely dominant team firing all its cylinders.



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  1. Princeniyaz007 says:

    a dubuku world cup engalukuthaan vera sonninga konde puduvan

  2. fuckoffpakistan says:

    india ll win d wc ….paki cricketers r nothin front of indian players….lol …fuckin match fixers..even dnt respect the prod of their own country …SALI GAREEB COUNTRY …hahahahaaa…..fuckin assholes

  3. Juni_khan60 says:

    good luck of pakistan inshallah pak win this world cup

  4. sgn says:

    inshallah world cup to pakistan hi jeete ga india is scar from pak team they said if pak team go to fainal they cant play in india lollllllllllllllzz

    • Zahidzahi says:

      learn english first you moron paki.

      • InshaAllah Pak will Win :) says:

        Why we learn english.. Our national Language is Urdu.. Fucking indians saari umaar gulamoon wali sooch rakhna..
        Pehlay 800 saal Muslims ki gulami ki phir 200 saal gooron ki..
        abhi juma juma 8 din huay hain azadi kay ..