India vs New Zealand 4th ODI Highlights – 2014 – 28th Jan

India vs New Zealand 4th ODI Cricket Highlights 2014. India vs New Zealand Cricket Highlights 4th ODI 2014 28th January at Hamilton. Watch Ind vs Nz, India tour of New Zealand 2014 Cricket Highlights.

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India Squad: MS Dhoni*†, VR Aaron, R Ashwin, STR Binny, S Dhawan, RA Jadeja, V Kohli, B Kumar, A Mishra, Mohammed Shami, IC Pandey, AM Rahane, SK Raina, AT Rayudu, I Sharma, RG Sharma.

New Zealand Squad: BB McCullum*, CJ Anderson, HK Bennett, MJ Guptill, MJ McClenaghan, NL McCullum, KD Mills, JDS Neesham, L Ronchi†, JD Ryder, TG Southee, LRPL Taylor, KS Williamson.

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Scorecard: Click HERE

India vs New Zealand 4th ODI Highlights – 2014 – 28th Jan

India vs New zealand highlights 2014


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  1. Hanan says:

    poor indians……………..

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Indian.. says:

    Failures are the stepping stone to success…. Pak.. Bitches… wait and see the power of India….

    • pak says:

      hahahahahaha poor indian

      • sam says:

        shut up porki..lost semis 2011 and finals 2007 hahaha bloody loosers

        • Suck ur dad's duck Indian says:

          STFU u asshole Indian u guys can only play at even then u guys last too pak in India just u f ur self m-f Indians .. F off u assholes

      • shadab says:

        Haha inse Milo sale khud se jab kuch ho Ta nhi to India ko comment karne chale aaye

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahaha Nice JOke

    • Anonymous says:

      shrm mgr tum indian,s ko nahi ati,,apny grounds py h khail skt ho tm log….2015 k world cup k first round s he bhr ho gy……….

  4. Indian.. says:

    Pak.. Bitches… wait and see the power of India….

    • Suck ur dad's duck Indian says:

      F off mother fker bitch go suck ur dad’s duck .. Ohh wait u did already .. All off u mother fker indian are either gay or lasbian u ass holes

  5. Zuz says:

    Bcci if u want to see Indian to win series give nz money to make pitches like yours.

  6. SRI LANKA says:

    Right now india should play against Bangladesh Zimbabwe and Ireland to recover his position

  7. teh says:

    well done nz

  8. m hafeez says:

    well done new zealand
    ghar k sheron ke achi pitae ke

  9. SAJID ALI says:

    india is lion in his home only…..

  10. cricket lover says:

    india hs a bd history in new zealaand

  11. ahsan says:

    we really thanks indians for not allowing cricket in pak.. we play every match out side that is the reason why pakk team is better then india. we beat india in india… we beat south africa in africa.. Thanks a lot indian for doing everything to destroy pak cricket… but by far we r better then u indian… Thnaks F%^### indian

    • Jay says:

      guess u r right man we really did hurt u guys we r sorry guys but i swear it wasnt me..

    • saeed says:

      ya lol i agree they f assholes only talk f indian gondos go suck on ur dady duck bi$%%%$###

    • mustaq ahmed says:

      Thanks indian

    • true indian says:

      all though im indian i feel worst about wat u just said but wat can i say its true we all indian r losser we loss all matches out side india.. i know we should just dai f us all indian..

      • i love pak says:

        u guys r right indian r bitches they try to grow there ducks just cause so they could suck by them self… grow up indian F offf u indian

    • Indian.. says:

      F%^### ahsan and.. Your……

  12. NOAK says:

    Big 3 can’t WIN outside home (AUS ENG &IND)

  13. suman says:

    after sachin has taken retirement it seems as indian cricket is lost its way

    • zuz says:

      sachin !!! if any player plays for more than 25 years i think its so easy to make 15000 runs in test also in odi. he sapposed to make minimum 25000 run

  14. True says:

    India like always they pay a big money for Corey Anderson not to play and they will win, But they forgot NZ can win without Corey as well.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Home team India

  16. Amin , Toronto, Canada says:

    India no more in big 3.

  17. SAM says:

    New Zealand also stand for their rights against big three in ICC.

  18. SAM says:

    Nice Game New Zealand… Keep It Up… you are not cricket babies anymore. Proved.

  19. Amin , Toronto, Canada says:

    As far as cricket as game than India is out in future with help of ICC and indian bookies india can win otherwise no cricket for India

  20. SAM says:

    Nice effort… Full highlights of the match…could not find anywhere so early…. but just here. Thanks

  21. buk says:

    india urgently needs to setup a series with bangladesh or zimbabwe to erase from indian fans this series defeat

  22. muk says:

    this is reason why india dont want to play lower ranked team coz they are are lower ranked team

  23. Anonymous says:

    Indin is not a bad team

  24. PATHAN says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    Dhoni rains or ash in ko nahi nikalega

  26. papu lahoriya says:

    india ka tu balatka——————r ho gae

  27. Australia says:

    Indian team looks prepared for 2015 world cup. ..
    They wish they can play at home.

    • zuz says:

      if worldcup transfer to india then they can win otherwise 1st round

  28. m.a says:

    India is only good at their home not around the world that proves they are a

  29. NZcap says:

    You can buy world cup, but you cant play cricket. By the way, your curries are nice unlike your cricketing skills. :P

  30. Anonymous says:

    Its great watching India being wildly r*ped by some real men.

  31. Sri Lankan says:

    India bunch of losers , who played again childish cricket . Good to send them for school cricket

  32. Tamara Baap says:

    Indian home Tigers outside they are just PIgssss

  33. TTP says:

    LOLxx ye wo team hay jo kehti hay hum cricket ki Azeem team hay, But Ghar se bahir Jitny Series Khelti hay . Duniya Jaan Jati hay k kitni bharri team hay

  34. Ttty says:

    Booooooo Indian lol

  35. I ch says:

    Bcci needs to concentrate on getting there team in order instead of pulling of coups in international cricket!

  36. Rashidahmad says:

    App jo bhi ho app ne Kaha ke India Beat New Zealand in Next Match forget it Bhool João aur Kaha ke india Last Match jeet Jao to number Ao Gay app ki itla ke Liye Australia har hi Nahi raha to india number a hi Nahi sakta dohhke baz India Love just Money Not cricket and Not there Country

  37. Rashidahmad says:

    Riki you say pakistan hs. Not home At all pakistan home and they Never Lost Out Side every Time How India

  38. chamara says:

    India can win only home,,, well done Blackcaps

  39. mahesh says:

    Ilove india very much and also my favorite player is the first god of cricket and also master batsmen SACHIN TENDULKAR and second master of the cricket and second god of cricket ROHIT SHARMA is my favorite player and new Zealand boo,boo,boo,boo,INDIonly is the first team in ODI.INDIAN bowling is very bad and also captain MS DHONI aslo very bad

  40. sumeetdhungana says:

    Ghar k shair phir dhair..

  41. sumeetdhungana says:

    Try with Zimbabwe india

  42. tommy says:

    India can beat newzealand.but they did not do that

  43. Anonymous says:

    i love my india indian bowling ko 500 topo ki salami ha ha ha..

  44. Mansha Pakistan says:

    kisi ke bare main galt alfaz mat nikalo ta ke woh bi aap ke bare main galt alfaz na nikale. shkria.

  45. Anonymous says:

    india last macth tu geet lo rank 1 ke laye

  46. Hafiz Haseeb says:

    indian team ko chaheya ka wo sirf india ma he khala bahir ap nhe jet sakta ap bs ghar ka shar ho or indian team na 1 bar pher sabit kr deya

  47. Zaid says:

    I told b4 India is baby team & wins only home

    • riki says:

      Pakistan has no home at all

      • ahsan says:

        we really thanks indians for not allowing cricket in pak.. we play every match out side that is the reason why pakk team is better then india. we beat india in india… we beat south africa in africa.. Thanks a lot indian for doing everything to destroy pak cricket… but by far we r better then u indian… Thnaks F%^### indian

  48. No more Cricket says:

    I advice India.icc bring home. Not allow playing cricket outside India and prohibited fast bowling. Sure all you will win

  49. CID says:

    i WANt to Know how NZ raped INDIAN?ANy eye witnesS?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m your witness, you can contact me CID

    • Anonymous says:

      BCCI Khule aam match fix karke jet jaante hain aur agar Iss Darmiyan pakde Gaye bhi tou Jaise hi World Cup 2011 semi Final ka case band kardiya valise kar dete hai.

      Gareeb mulkoin ko khareed leti hai BCCI.

  50. Rashid says:

    Well Done Black caps Newzealand well Played conragulations to win the match the sereis play like this again and win the sereis 4-0 they are i means india is not more worldnummber side now its Australia so well done keep it up Newzealand

    • shahid says:

      congratulations,series,number first learn to write correctly afterwards you can post your comment uneducated ass###@

  51. Rashid says:

    Lol Oh They Lost again Hallo Indians What happens Today agian Lost the match today and The Sereis just Thinking on the battaing that your batting is great and only with the matches with strong batting what happend oh

  52. Rashidahmad says:

    Bares gundagard indian Big Big Loser lost to there On Mistakes and say PLZ help i hope they Not get. Icc c s. They are the Big loseres only for Money Lost in Africa Lost in Newzeland oh

  53. Saniya says:


  54. Ajmal says:

    Cant Wait…

  55. Bilal says:

    thank you

  56. Jaeff says:

    I was waiting for this…….

  57. Irfan says:

    Lovely stuff… Being away from home

  58. Irfan says:

    Cant Wait…

  59. Nasir says:

    I love this site..

  60. Uroy says:


    • hash says:

      india sirf daaaaaaaalllllllll pitcho ke upar khel sakta he

      • Simran says:

        Wow!!! Nice to watch Nz batting and Bowling and very very boring to watch as useual Indian team again. By the way…very sportive and handsome guys @ NZ team

      • hi says:

        India is no 1 in india

        • monda pakistani says:

          so ja dhoni warna teylar ahe ga

        • usman says:

          Well played india.butt new zeeland is out standing played.