India vs Pakistan Highlights Champions Trophy – 2013

India vs Pakistan Highlights ICC Champions Trophy 2013. India vs Pakistan Highlights 15th June 2013. IND vs PAK Cricket Highlights 2013. Watch Champions Trophy Highlights 2013.

Just like most of the cricket played in this hyped rivalry, the cricket at Edgbaston – this time because of the weather – was dreary and uncertain, but India eventually registered their first win over Pakistan in Champions Trophy. However, it was a dead rubber as India were already guaranteed the top slot in the group, and Pakistan the bottom.

It was England overhead all right with all the rain, but underfoot the Edgbaston pitch suited the bowlers from Asia, where a big portion of Birmingham’s population has come from. R Ashwin bowled slow and flighted the ball and turned it square, Ravindra Jadeja bowled fast and still turned the odd ball square, and Pakistan batsmen capitulated in what began as a full game but was reduced to 40 overs a side after two rain intervals.

Their total of 165 all out was adjusted to 167 because of the rain break during Pakistan’s innings. India got off to a solid start in response, and it mattered little that the rain eventually brought the target down to 122 in 22 overs. India won in 19.1 overs.

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Pakistan Innings: Highlights Watch Now

India Innings: Highlights Watch Now


India Squad: 1 Shikhar Dhawan, 2 Rohit Sharma, 3 Virat Kohli, 4 Dinesh Karthik, 5 MS Dhoni (capt & wk), 6 Suresh Raina, 7 Ravindra Jadeja, 8 R Ashwin, 9 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 10 Umesh Yadav, 11 Ishant Sharma.

Pakistan Squad: 1 Mohammad Hafeez, 2 Nasir Jamshed, 3 Asad Shafiq, 4 Misbah-ul-Haq (capt), 5 Umar Amin, 6 Shoaib Malik, 7 Kamran Akmal (wk), 8 Wahab Riaz, 9 Saeed Ajmal, 10 Junaid Khan, 11 Mohammad Irfan

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INDIA vs Pakistan Champions Trophy

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  1. harmeet says:

    pakistan r rubbish



  3. Rakesh says:

    Yes, sajjad pak has more winning side than India.

  4. Rakesh says:

    Forget about Zindabad n murdabad why u using abusive words for the others nation. The game has the result win or lose. Just enjoy it don’t bring the nations between the sports.

  5. INDIARULES says:

    INDIA ZINDABAD, look at the world cup results, how many times you won against India???? 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  6. Sajjad says:

    Pakistan Zinda bad, if u see the record of india n pak match , pak ne India se ziada match jeete hain

    • Rajesh says:

      That is when there was not technology to consider if a player is out or not. Pak umpires always cheated…..

  7. Alok Rishi says:

    Indian team the best team in the world

  8. jijjin says:

    india will win the icc champions trophy and they are the best team in the world

  9. MS says:

    I am indian and I cannot forget SHARJAH mianDAD’s last CHAKKA. saeed anwar’s 290 + runs in india when our ballers failed to get him out and also rain of sixers and fours by shahid afridi again in india. (on our home ground). I think we should not forget the past that we have also lost many times playing with pakistan. There is no harm in accepting the truth.

    • Afridi says:

      Im pakistani and i cant forget how many times we lose against india in every important game. Our team sucks big time. I accept it bro

    • INDIARULES says:

      backhwas bandh kar kamina

  10. nawaz butt says:

    I love pakistan

  11. sachin says:

    cricket is only a game, please enjoy it.I love to see india-pakistan match and only wish if the two countries turns it into one-toh duniya wala ka humesha watt laga dega . I love my brothers and sisters in pak or india but not the bloody politicians .

  12. india wins pakistan ka balatakar ho gaya says:

    india wins pakistan ka balatakar ho gay india ZINDABAD ZINDABAD ZINDABAD ZINDABAD

  13. Umran says:

    This match was a complete farce. The team batting second always had the advantage since it kept raining and the players had to keep playing themselves in again. Pakistan never knew how to pace their innings so I’m not at all disappointed and neither should any Pak fan.

  14. aaa says:

    always honest wins
    ans dats india won a trememdous victory over pakistan

  15. ankur says:

    pakistan ka to Balatakar ho gaya.
    Pakistan is very poor country..dont race with India…INDIA is superpower..
    khane ko anaj nahi aur chale match jitane.

    • Anonymous says:

      salo tum ko to gar ka andar gus kahra dya

  16. anonymous says:

    what’s all this gys,just support ur team to win

    • anonymous2 says:

      yeah totally india and pak were once a country and because of the divide and rule policy now we fight like cats and dogs!!!

  17. Rubul 4 merapani says:

    India must win
    pakistan murda baad

  18. Ranbir says:

    India beat a really weak international team….wasnt really a interesting game…..shouldve let Bangladesh play instead of pakistan

  19. lall singh says:

    Bund pad diti ind ne pak di pehla would cup hun fer

  20. nm says:

    India Beat pakistan with no established players or bowlers..

  21. nm says:

    Haha… justice done… we broke the icc champions trophy spell of Pakistan wins over india… and india kicked out pakistan like the wc t20 last year… pz

  22. Prasenjit says:

    kya hua ra Pakistani India ka baap. Pahela baap ko samaj fir apnako pahachan. or teri tara lakho baap edhar INDIA ma bahatha ha. islea sun iska badh sref match dekhna aur maja lena.

  23. DEEPAK says:


  24. Lisa says:

    Poor allas lost again

  25. Are u kidding me says:

    What has religion to do with all these. Grow p u guys

  26. Khan says:

    Khan says:
    15, June 2013 at 9:15 PM
    Pakistan must bring razzaq Omar akmal imran nazir afridi and umar gul if they want to win


    • BENGALTIGER says:

      how about imran, wasim , waqar and miandad?? those buddhas ca play better, hahahahah

    • AfGuN says:

      Younas khan as well

  27. Khan says:

    With these kind of Players Pakistan will never win any cricket match from any team in the world

  28. Khan says:

    India won this match before the match started Bc

  29. LION says:


    • BENGALTIGER says:

      EAST OR WEST INDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IS THE BEST, you know by now! INDIA ZINDABAD, aaj halwa bana diya paki ko

    • cric lover says:

      Best in what ? terrorism ???

    • Hindu-Christian-Muslim-Sikh-Jew (indian) says:


  30. Samirkhan says:

    afghan u live in Pakistan and u r saying bad words about Pakistan people like u called namak haram aur hudharam

  31. Afghan says:

    Come on India!! Porkistan loserssssss

    • pakistan says:

      shame on u afgan when america attacked Afghanistan our Pakistan let ur people in TO our paak waton to save ur life’s u ungrateful dumbo. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN 4EVER. XXXWIN OR LOSE EAST OR WEST PAKISTAAN IS THE BESTXXX

      • Yo says:

        Pakistan is also ungrateful by hiding Terrorists in their nation after accepting financial aid from the US….

  32. iman says:

    pakistan have to win

  33. Qem butt says:

    I jus want to see good cricket I dn care who will win

  34. ghaznavi says:

    yar ak dusray ko galeya na do gunah hay ye to bychance game hay

  35. Mulla(muslims)da budda says:

    Singh is king

  36. Mulla(muslims)da budda says:

    Thode pakistania di Bhen di fudi vich thoda buda da lun

    • Anonymous says:

      Teri pen di phudi wich mera lun .kuti day puar.saliya pakistania nay teri pen kadi a.tusi pakistan day salay lag day ho.shoib malik tada behnoi

  37. raju says:

    i mean bribe!

  38. raju says:

    pakistan need more than god to win a game, usually their wins involve a brobe lol

    • sadath says:

      bro, if Allah supports no one can stop that … looks like blessing of Allah are with US(indians) because all indian muslims are in support of Indian Team.

      • raju says:

        agreed brother, jus a of hand comment. with the support of god anything is possible!

  39. spud says:

    rain may actually help pakistan!

  40. Kailash says:

    Pakistan ka Baap hai Hindustan! India has always won in World cup against Pakistan!! chup raho sab n say Hindustan Zindabad

  41. Sajjad says:

    Inshallah pakistan win today

  42. Anonymous says:

    hindustaan jindabaad

  43. Pak hero says:

    Pakistan and only pakistan

  44. Anonymous says:

    Insha Allah pak will b win

  45. cricket fan says:

    the rain is the onlt thing saving pakistan!

  46. musa says:

    India is the best

  47. RAHUL says:


  48. india says:

    well it looks like india r teaching pakistan a lessen again,

  49. mohamed arshad says:

    today inshaallah pakistan win

    • Omar Shahnawaz Kamil says:


      • ak47 says:

        Hillallah paki lost today, hahahaha.

    • ahmad says:

      pak har jahy kuda kry.

      • Jai hind says:

        Allha ki lag gai.

        • Mohd junaid says:

          Mind your laguage

        • Neutro says:

          Khuda ke naam ko is tarah se nahi liya jata. Allah aur Bhagwan ek hi hain. Jab aap Allah ko gali dete hain woh Bhagwan ki bhi beizzatti hain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kameeno har jagah allah ko kyun badnam karte ho

  50. Amjed says:

    Good Luck Pakistan!!!

    • raja says:

      India will win!!!

      • Pakistani india ka baap says:

        PAKISTAN ZINDABAD & India murdabad

        • kaleel says:

          pak jety ga

        • india says:

          vo to match me bata chal gaya india won

        • Anonymous says:

          I am laughing at poor mind commenting India murdabad. Just go back to history as it will teach u a lot

        • Bernard Abraham says:

          The whole world knows how is wht do not hurt yourself by saying.

        • Shaan says:

          Aur Tumara Baap Indian hai. Kya hua aaj besharam?? halwa bana diya Dhawan aur Kohli ne. INDIAAAAAAAAA ZINDABADDDDDDDDDDDD, paki see you again in next CT, bye bye!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          GROW-UP And be a sportsman like, your team seems to be handling the loss very well,

        • mandeep singh says:

          india have shown who is murdabad.pakistan come and play with under 19 even they gona beat u

        • Pakisucks says:

          Bro do u even know the cricket history.INDIA was the best team, INDIA is the best team, INDIA will be the best ur baap murdabad

        • kk says:

          India Baap hai Pakistan kaa

          Agar 2% india bhi Peshaab kar de toh Pakistan world map se gaayab ho jaayega…..

          PAK MORONS

        • nawaz butt says:

          I love pakistan

        • INDIA says:

          Aaukat pata chal gayi na…..
          Salo aaukat me raho…BAAP se panga mat lena….

        • papa says:

          baap baap hota he beta beta kitni bar samjaee tujhe
          itna jaanavar ko bataya hota to bhi uske dimag me gush jata tu kya he jaanavar ya insaan??????

        • Anonymous says:

          Pak zinda bad & india zinda bad both zinda bad why we do the fight to each other

      • jatt says:

        india wil win @#@

    • aheikh ahmed says:

      Inshaallah pkistaan win

    • Muhammad Mansha says:

      mujhe to yeh samajh main nahi aata jab hamara labbas aik hai khana aik hai zuban aik hai rehan sehan aik hai to phir Pakistan aur India aik doosrey ke khelaf batein kiyon karta hai agar hum dushmni ki bajaye aik doosrey ke dost ban jayein to kitna accha ho ga hum Pakistan wale India jayein aur India ke log Pakistan ayein mere khiyal main to yahi behter hai.kisi ke bare main burrey alfaz nikalne ki bajaye acche alfaz nikalo ta ke woh bi aap ke liye acche alfaz beyaan kare.rahi baat khel ki do teamon main se aik ko to harna hi hota hai.hamesha apni zuban se woh shab mat nikalo jo doosrey ko takleef de.all the best.

      • Nirav says:

        I am at the same page Muhammad. I am Hindu and from India but i still love pakistan same as My first love India. When we all understand that we are united, We will be Number one in the whole world. I respect your thought and feel that i sm not the only one think like that. I love India and I love pakistan. India zindabad…..Pakistan Zindabad. They both are my motherland and i love both so much……….

        Thank you so much Muhammad. Take care and dont let change anyone your thought.

        Your Indian Brother

        • Lawrence says:

          thanks Nirav, I really appreciate your thought and now I can understand your heart also you are so great coz I am also Pakistani and only in close my house around 800 Hindu family is staying sins last more then 45 years or more but I never seen any thing wrong with us in Pakistan even I am christen . Pakistan is my century and I love Pakistan the same thinking I found in Hindu families also…. best of luck

      • Nirav says:

        Muhammad give me your phone number. I would like to talk to you my brother.