India vs Sri Lanka, Asia Cup Highlights – 2014

India vs Sri Lanka, Asia Cup Cricket Highlights 2014. India vs Sri Lanka Highlights Asia Cup 2014 28th february. IND vs BAN, Asia Cup 2014 Cricket Highlights.

Sri Lanka Squad: 1 Kusal Perera, 2 Lahiru Thirimanne, 3 Kumar Sangakkara (wk), 4 Mahela Jayawardene, 5 Dinesh Chandimal, 6 Angelo Mathews (capt.), 7 Thisara Perera, 8 Chaturanga de Silva, 9 Sachithra Senanayake, 10 Lasith Malinga, 11 Suranga Lakmal.

India Squad: 1 Shikhar Dhawan, 2 Rohit Sharma, 3 Virat Kohli (capt.), 4 Ajinkya Rahane, 5 Ambati Rayudu, 6 Dinesh Karthik (wk), 7 Ravindra Jadeja, 8 R Ashwin, 9 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 10 Mohammed Shami, 11 Varun Aaron/Ishwar Pandey.

Start time 14:00 local (08:00 GMT)

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India vs Sri Lanka, Asia Cup Highlights – 2014

sri lanka v india asia cup highlights 2014

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  1. Sri Lanka says:

    It’s a public secret that we had to give up and stop malinga bowling after the two wickets at world cup final. If India was beaten on that day whole cricket world would have been in trouble.. so Politics + ipl + Icc + Icc had to tell tiny sri lanka to give up…May be huge money would have been offerred who knows…If India was beaten the IPL which was due would have been a crowdless event and a huge loss to cricket future…Wins of Sri Lanka doesn’t do any good to cricket now…I am so sad about it that PLTCS has got in to this because of this IPL…it should be stopped…Money should be taken away from this great game…that’s why our coach left crying and others didn’t speak a word about that…but when Malinga was not given the ball we knew…Than 02 million in sri Lanka watching cricket we had to think about crazy indian cricket fans of 1000 billions which is money of bookeys and big guns making out of poor crazy Indians

  2. Sasindu says:

    good luck for final

  3. Asad says:

    Well done Srilanka you are a true lion…

  4. Lankan says:

    Well done Pakistan!!

  5. James says:

    Poor Indians!! Bad season 4 u…well done sanga!!

  6. Anfaz says:

    welldone lankans sucking indian

  7. Shikhar dhawan says:

    Yeah we rule baby

  8. Khan says:

    You guys realized one thing The match refs how good with indian Team to get more matches in ipl get indian cricket dictator board happy so they can get more Money well done India i hope You both The impires for tomorrow game pakistan against cricket dictator india

  9. Khan says:

    The game they won against Bangladesh you indian can watch or all fixed ipl highlihgts You guys can watch.

  10. Khan says:

    India big three boss said only show The those matches highlihgts who they won they cant face The truth . Sorry another cricket dictator of cricket

  11. usman says:

    india can never perform well in abroad.india just can perform well in indian’s i can say that indians is gay.

  12. Kholi ka bab says:

    where is the highlights ???? r u that hurt so u cant even post highlights??? sri lankans are happy to see that more than the win.. :D

    • Admin says:

      Highlights were taken down due to copyright Issues..

  13. Shikhar dhawan says:

    Hello is everyone ok, you see my batting I’m good batter but I tell you tha truth is that I was really scared of Malinga bowling he scare me a lot that’s why we not win

    • Vaishak says:

      Yes he scared because he is not Bowling, He is Throwing.
      He should take Bowling practice.

  14. Kota Singh says:

    Hi I love my India my father poppy Singh and my brother tatti Singh and my cousin tarka Singh also love my India u no we are the champs thanks very much

  15. TRCD Tranuseyear kulesekre selinga says:

    I’m am pure srilankan cat I have claws and I have a very long name that u can’t pronounce be carefull when u play cricket with me arrrrrrrr

  16. kohli_Kuttu says:

    oh:( he is crying…kohli kuttu:)

    • Anonymous says:

      remember the world cup 2011 when whole srilanka was crying

      • James says:

        Yes we remember…but indians can win like dis only at home….

      • Sri Lankan says:

        That was due to a political & IPL interference.If not we Sri Lankans have no problem beating India any day even in Indian grounds.

    • Shikhar dhawan says:

      Naughty boy

  17. Roky says:


  18. Super says:

    Sangakarra the best!!!!

  19. poli hudga says:

    India lost a match and look at u faggot’s go.. wooo.. so much hatred… khudo’s to ur disguistingfkng attitue guy’s… just wait & watch as INDIA will lift the asia cup, and u morons can beat ur asses up!

  20. poli hudga says:

    Looks like some one is jealous of virat kholi….. yes he he is agressive, yet effective! u hater’s can just watch him score run’s break all record’s… and u just can shut ur mouth & ass n watch him become the next big thing!

  21. srilanka_grease_balls says:

    srilankan kutteee scrapped thru

  22. sri lankan boy says:

    Great game of cricket sanga os superb sri lanka are unstopable where are you poor indians I’m looking for you why are you silent. You must respect to mr. Elegant sangakkara

    • Pak boy says:

      Hell yeah, where u all bitches at who said that india has best batting line up? sucks indians, and massive respect for sanga, he’s one of the best player.

  23. Jagath says:


  24. Kasun says:

    Dilhara Fernando made Sri Lanka lose so many matches including world cups and now it’s chandimals turn to make Sri Lanka lose matches….can anyone tell me in how many matches these players made Sri Lanka win?????? NONE. … THEN Y IN THE TEAM FOR???POLITICS
    THE FEW MATCHES HE PLAYED WELL WAS AGAINST TEAMS LIKE BANGLADESH AND BAD BOWLING ATTACK OF ENGLAND .. And now that performance is good enough to keep him in national team for long…shame shame shame SLC FOR NOT DROPPING HIM

  25. Jason says:

    I CANT BELIEVE THAT CHANDIMAL IS STILL PLAYING FOR SRI LANKA ,and why is he the captain of t20 with an average of 13 and can’t clear the boundaries ,As he has rarely score runs…Wats going on slc …Drop this guy for good..ALREADY GIVEN TOO MANY CHANCES FOR CHANDIMAL,he will never come good,and even he come good he can’t score quick runs like Angelo perara who has proved his class in 1st class cricket

  26. Drop chandimal 4ever says:

    Drop this chandimal from all formats,as he is good for nothing ….Chandimal had made srilanka so lose many matches as dilhara Fernando did at his peak(lol) helping Sri Lanka lose…SLC PLS STOP UR POLITICS AND PICK PROPER PLAYERS.ITS HOW MANY MATCHES SRI LANKA HAS TO WAIT FOR CHANDIMAL TO SCORE A FIFTY which I think he will be not scoring in next two years…

  27. Kohli is my ass says:

    Kohli is crying …don’t cry kohli mama will change ur nappies..and arrogant kohli just watch the way how sanga celebrated his hundred….not like u running all over the ground like a mad dog…sanga is a better player than u…..they say empty barrels makes the loudest noise

  28. Craig says:

    Chandimal should be dropped for ever coz he can’t get any hood scores against any good opponents…he is useless …just blocking young talents coming up..what a waste of a place to wait for chandimal to score…..biggest weak link Sri Lanka has is Chandimal now for a long wat a joke he is Sri Lanka s t20 captain with average of 13…he can’t play big shots so y do selectors keep picking him for…May b politics in slc

  29. Stephen says:

    Drop Chandigarh for a year or two so Sri Lanka can win..when chandimal is in the team as he is useless for nothing it’s hard pressure on other players to cover up for him…he doesn’t deserve a place in all formats..slc is so stupid to pick players who can’t produce runs and drop players who score runs…shame on slc

  30. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Chandimal should be dropped from all format of cricket as he is a useless cunt…never scores runs..he should nt be in the team ages ago but he is still playing …and the joke is he is Sri Lanka t20 captain…why don’t the give enough chances to players like Angelo perera as he had proved his class in domestic..

  31. T20 World Cup Champions SL says:

    Surly Sri Lanka will win the T20 World Cup as well
    T20 Final SL vs WI repeat in 2012 but this time SL are the CHAMPIONS NO 01 T20 side in the world.

  32. Asia Cup Champions 2014 SL says:

    If Mahela comes to form, then Sri Lanka has the best batting side in the tournament which can chase any score. and with the best batting line up and fielding side in Asia which is Sri Lanka definitely are the favorites to win the Asia Cup 2014. That’s why there are on top of the table and with the best Batsmen in the world SANGA.Sri Linka will win the Asia cup unbeaten.

  33. Asia Cup Champ SL says:

    Sri Lankans raped the Indians Hope Pak do the same to India

  34. Anonymous says:

    Pak vs ind samifinal of Asia cup lets who won this game

  35. Sri Lanka says:

    Sri Lanka i love you, SL players are so decent they play for their country while indian players play to show off with gayy attitude.

  36. Kohli ka Mu dekho says:

    Why kohli always make face like he is crying?? His rat face always cry

  37. sherry says:

    Afghanistan se bi nai jeet paega ye india t20 wale players bht marenge wese bo pathan hyn hasra bi nai karenge pakistan ko nai chora wo to luck ta ab to sahy wali waat lagegi india kher manao apni..shamat ane wali hy…

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Wel done sanga again one trinitian save my country.

  40. ranol418 says:

    great match..also good job sanga*****

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. ponna Kohliya says:

    well done sanga, u deserved that ton

  43. shame says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha smj gae tussi
    Kohli teri hai bari polli..hun jae ga holli holli….but dont worry afghanistan se jeet lena hahaha

  44. sri lankan cock says:

    sanga wht a player. cool bro. a legend. hats off

  45. cricket fan, says:

    we love u sanga,

  46. Bilal pakistan says:

    Weldon Sri Lanka and I m very happy today bcz sri lanka win from 11 rats hahahaha

  47. Anonymous says:

    what a player !! what a beauty sanga , Seriously … The best i’ve seen him played under pressure…
    Others were struggling… he scored runs for fun..
    Hats off Sanga…
    Proud of u…

  48. sherry says:

    Bus india bht hogiya hy

  49. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Lions!!!!!!

  50. randika says:

    well played srilankan lions ….kick them,,,,

  51. sangakara says:

    sangakara ne virat kholi jo ke phaley sy he khuli hoe the mazeeed khol di…. :P

    • yasiru says:

      skills can’t buy for money, as indians always do.well played sanga… you are the one ,you are the player who proved money can,t do everything.

  52. dashing says:

    sangakara ne virat kholi jo ke phaley sy he khuli hoe the mazeeed khol di…. :P

  53. mmm says:

    paisey ka sub khail hey piary….big 3 really are big 3 or just controlling the icc money …

  54. sasiri says:

    This is previve before 2015 WC.Sri Lankan lions start they hunting

  55. sasiri says:

    Great job.

  56. manoj yadav says:

    rohit sharma ko bahar karo

  57. Cricket crazy says:

    Frontline bowler conceding 81 runs.are u serious????

  58. Proud Pakistani says:

    India can’t even win one match outside India against a reasonable side.shame

  59. Cricket fan says:

    Congrats Sri Lanka for winning from India.

  60. Proud Pakistani says:

    India can’t even one match outside India against a reasonable side.shame

  61. sweety says:

    cool good one

  62. Ramesh says:


  63. Cathy says:

    Great Website!

  64. zain says:

    I love this site..

  65. Karachi.Lion says:

    Okay Great..