India vs Sri Lanka Final Highlights Tri-Nation – 2013

India vs Sri Lanka Final Highlights Tri Nation Series 2013. India vs Sri Lanka Highlights Final 11th July 2013. IND vs SRI Cricket Highlights 2013.

Once again, MS Dhoni reduced a lost match into a one-on-one contest with an opposition bowler, and knocked off the 15 required in just three hits. You could see the bowler – Shaminda Eranga, 9-2-34-2 until then, wickets of Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli to his name – was intimidated the moment he saw the first one fly into the top of the top tier.

Bear in mind that this was a treacherous pitch with seam, spin and uneven bounce. Dhoni was injured, and had come back only for this match. He wasn’t running as hard as he does, and wickets were falling at the other end. When Dhoni came in, the asking-rate was 3.35, but with falling wickets and turned-down singles, it hit the improbable towards the end. Dhoni, though, kept refusing singles, kept admonishing the last man Ishant Sharma for taking off for panic-stricken singles.

Ishant couldn’t be blamed. The game had unravelled fast for India. They were cruising when Rohit Sharma had braved for yet another fifty despite another painful blow to his body (which makes it atleast four in two innings against Sri Lanka), despite many balls that seamed past his edge, despite the slow start. When India were 139 for 3 in the 32nd over, though, Rangana Herath delivered a grubber, and it squeezed under Rohit’s bat. Things were about to change.

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India Squad: V Kohli*, R Ashwin, S Dhawan, RA Jadeja, KD Karthik†, B Kumar, A Mishra, Mohammed Shami, SK Raina, AT Rayudu, I Sharma, RG Sharma, M Vijay, R Vinay Kumar, UT Yadav.

Sri Lanka Squad: AD Mathews*, LD Chandimal†, LHD Dilhara, RMS Eranga, HMRKB Herath, DPMD Jayawardene, KMDN Kulasekara, SL Malinga, BAW Mendis, BMAJ Mendis, MDKJ Perera†, KC Sangakkara†, SMSM Senanayake, WU Tharanga, HDRL Thirimanne.

India vs Sri Lanka Final tri nation

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  1. ni says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wt a match its dhoni done a grt job

  3. MANOJIT DAS says:


  4. Gc bhabhor says:

    Dhoni is best indian cricket team…

  5. Gc bhabhor says:

    Agar final match me dhoni nahi hote to india lost ho sakti thi…but :”INDIA Is BEST”

  6. Jabir ali says:


  7. M.iqbal says:

    i am pakistani ! but i m sports man too .. i always enjoy his batting – he is one of the most dangerous finisher of the game – he is the legend in my book, salute to good players like him

  8. Vijay pawar says:

    Lage raho india

  9. Jainuddin ansari says:

    This is 2 litar milk pawor you geret doni

  10. Parminder says:

    BOOM BOOM DHONI >>>6>4>6….CARRY ON :)

    • Parminder says:


  11. Kannan says:

    Doni ellaina cup win pannierukka mudiyathu.

  12. Deepak soni says:

    World famous captain ms dhoni.
    What a hit, boom boom,super.

  13. Pinku Sabat says:

    What a match! Weldone Mr. Dhoni.
    Keep it on. Thanks

  14. Jamil says:


  15. bipin says:

    abe hilights to disha

  16. Naresh Raiya says:

    Dhoni is a very good captain for india and i want so dhoni kabhi bhi sanyash na le varna hum ek good captain hi nahi ek match finiser bhi kho dange

    • Nesar haider says:

      Dhoni indian cricket team ki jaan hain. Wo n ho to team ki kya halat thi ye sabhi jaante hai.

  17. Naresh Raiya says:

    Dhoni ek good match finiser hai aur main unka bada fain hun

  18. Al sheikh says:

    I like virat kohli it batting very good and it carrier very good

  19. Sheikh says:

    I like dhoni it style very good thank dhoni god bless you

  20. Kattu says:


  21. Sujit says:

    Very nice

  22. Shantanu singh says:

    Dhoni ka 6 mar kar match jitane ka andaj it’s very nice

  23. Himansu tripathi says:

    Good work dhoni

  24. selvam singapore says:

    Doni is very good patsman

  25. Dfc sports&arts club says:

    Dhoni boom boom dhoni super super dhoni good good

  26. Fadal says:

    Ilove you Dhoni chak de india

  27. Wasim Ahmad says:

    My dear dhoni paaajiii…i love you….kya khela yaar..aap ne wese ki kia jese purane zamane me miandad or micheal beven krte the.. Ek or bat krna chahta hu k virat kohli me kaptani ki koi khubi nhi h..agr dhoni ki jagah replace krna chahte ho to wo srf Ravindra Jadeja kr skta…am i right..???

  28. Bhusankumar says:

    Dhoni se behtar caption visva me koi aur nai hai…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Chak de india

  30. siddharth mahur says:

    dhoni is a grate player of india team.kiyonki vo nider h.

  31. BABAR says:


    • roshan says:

      apni bhen kho chadha khe dhek phele…tere lund par yaa mere….choice is urs Babar…khatve…

  32. Sohan vishwakarma says:

    Dhoni sar aap me jm enarge hai .vishv ke kise bhi player mai nahi hai chaimpian trophi mai aap aur B.kumar ne to Srilanka team ke irade par pani pher diya . Mai deoria jila ka hoo. Umesh yadav ji ke ganv ke pas se .i want to talk with you Dhoni ….my contect no.09506606791

  33. Sijo says:

    India vs lanka final hi

  34. Sadham(s.h) says:

    Well bats man dhoni

  35. Shiblu Roy says:

    Dhoni dada aapsa akbar baat karna chahata ho, plz dada, ma ASSAM sa hu. My no is +919401547273

  36. Namshi rahman ak says:

    Proud to be an indian..

  37. Shrikantb says:

    Dhoni tumhari kripa team india par aisehi banaye rakho…….jai ho baba dhoni

  38. Sri Lankan says:

    Hey fellow Indians, you can say bye-bye to team India’s winning streak once Kohli takes on captaincy. He’s an ego-maniac with an extremely bad temper who knows nothing about leadership. He’s a brilliant batsman, but as a person, he’s got an extremely aggressive attitude and isn’t one bit likable and it’s important to be likable to be a good captain.

    • Anon says:

      I 1000% agree.

    • Jacob says:

      Dude, there were many aggressive captains in cricket. Even our Dada was like that. So what? and Kohli did lead the team to 2 wins in 3 matches. and an U-19WC

      • Sri Lankan says:

        First of all let me make it clear that I’m a Sri Lankan, and in no way am I here to insult you or your cricketers. In fact I have a lot of respect for the Indian cricket team as they’re one of the stronger sides in cricket today consisting of extremely talented batters and bowlers. I’m merely here to share my honest opinion.
        I understand that Ganguly was an aggressive captain but Virat Kohli takes it to a whole new level. Kohli has a really really bad temper. The other day I watched him argue with an umpire and in a very ugly way (mumbling bad words and all that). That’s no way for a captain to behave especially when you know that you’re the future leader of your side. The captain’s the one who’s supposed to calm his teammates during heated moments when in fact it’s the other way around with Kohli.
        U-19 cricket is a whole lot different to international cricket, my friend. And 3 matches isn’t enough to judge a person’s leadership skills. Trust me, in a couple of years you’ll see that the Indian cricket board are going to have issues with Kohli’s on-field behavior and only then will you realize that some anonymous Sri Lankan dude on the internet was right.

        • Singham says:

          S……., ur words r correct, but indians ll choose bad option only

        • Aryan says:

          You are right dear Srilankan, Temper is not the way of leading any team.

          I would like to talk about Sangakara. I loved his batting and keeping at the same time, He was great ambasseder of Srilanka But few things which never suited him, i.e. when Sehwag was about make his 100 and Suraj Radeeve was bowling and Sanga told him to bowl no ball so that Sehwag can not make 100. And when ever any bowler has bowled wide Sanga as a keeper always try to clap hard to so that he can hide the wide ball from umpire. This does not suit him at all. I mean this does show that he is a great player but he does not have a great sportsman spirit. Same flaw Glen Mcgrath used to have. This is painful.

  39. Ashim kr' sen says:

    Love dhoni.

  40. Munna says:

    Jay ho we r ta champions

  41. Nirav parmar says:

    India win win win win win win win win win win win win

  42. Khan Faisal says:

    I think dhoni is the best finisher of the world great player

    • Anírban says:

      Unhoni ko honi kr de honi ko unhoni bho hain Mr Dhoni

  43. Malik says:

    Captain cool MSD is great

  44. Jaseel says:

    Woooooou super india/@@@/@@ verry cool doni………../.@ .@C

  45. Ajay IRM says:


  46. Zahidzahoor says:

    Dhoni is great

  47. yuvi says:


  48. ShEbi says:

    That’s indians

  49. Madhu says:

    India thottu thunnampadanam

  50. Madhu says:

    India oru mannankattayaaaa

  51. suki says:

    Dhono magic man

  52. Sunil bhawale says:

    I like india

  53. Aditya raj says:

    India is the king of cricket and ms dhoni is the best captain

  54. Anurag says:

    No words is to say about to him he is a great

  55. SL says:

    When Indians lost first 2 matches they commented as this is not a very important series. But now after winning by just 1 wicket they are commenting about winning. Indians didn’t enjoy the wonderful game Cricket. They enjoy only winning. They can’t see loosing a match or a tense situation. They threw bottles to the ground or jump to the ground with flags or some wordings in their hand. This happened in 1996 ICC world cup semi final too. Sri Lankans respect the game and players from any team. And now Ashwin stops a while before he delivers the ball. Funny thing is this was accepted by ICC too. Don’t change the rules or the game Cricket. Enjoy it.

    • AP says:

      You seem to find all reasons for loosing the WC and this cup, SL fan threw the bottle, he is caught

    • LS says:

      Smoke is coming out of ur backside

    • Anonymous says:

      My dear friend ,don,t be so much frustrated with losing,after losing 10 out of 14 matches ,How long you guys can talk about world cup semi final incidents ,What about Srilanka incident after losing 6 out 7 in Srilanka

    • Abraham says:

      If ICC can accept Mr. Malingas action, Nothing wrong with Aswin bowling action, When they lose match they are blame some one.. Its not good practice, Try to teach your players, how to face pressure situations and winning the match, not losing the match…ok

    • Raju says:

      All Srilankan Fans, Dont blame Indian fans or Indian players, because who throgh bottle he is srilankan fan not Indian, why he throgh bottle because Malinga give too much runs,Yes indians enjoy all kinda cricket, but same time they enjoy more when India get CUP or India BEAT SRILANKA

    • Anonymous says:

      SL seems to enjoy even losing because they know they can’t win against the mighty Indians and they just give excuses that they enjoy cricket so as to avoid the humiliation…. and in India cricket is not just a game….. it is much much more than that….. so when Indians lost to not such a strong SL side people were bound to get angry and show their emotions……

    • India says:

      Dont worry , it happens. You feel bad like that when your team keeps losing all the finals. In India, only fans get emotional & behave this way, whereas, your SL cricket team went against the ethics of cricket, walking off in Australia. So think before you speak. And by the way, if Malinga’s awkward action is legal and accepted by ICC, then Ashwin’s is good as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      u guys play fcuking cricket by cheatingg everyone dont dare to speak about us u bitch

    • MAT says:

      thanks for your comments,but we speak normally about cricket players and their game; not about the spectators, coz there are millions of indians, all dont have same character. at the same tym, if one person comments, it doesnt mean, whole of india gt the same opinion.
      if you want to stress the on wicket victory, pls get some tym to results of last 15 india vs srilanka matches and their results, including last wold cup final.
      i am a great fan of sanka and mahela, without them srilanka team have lot of issues!1 accept that fact and try to improve the teams performance.. dont go behind indian spectators.
      i hope this will help you

    • SubhSubhBol says:

      yeah keep nagging…loser….

    • SubhSubhBol says:

      Keep nagging…loser….

  56. Abhi khan says:

    I proud to be india

  57. BILTU RAJAK says:

    Chak de india,Joy ho

  58. Sumanth says:

    Sachin may be god of cricket;but ms dhoni is a king of cricket

  59. Anonymous says:

    external highlights sucks

  60. Anonymous says:

    Plz tell how watch highlight on iPhone

    I can’t c any video here

    • Hi says:

      Go to a nearby apple store & sell ur iphone. Then go to a computer store and buy a netbook/laptop. Then watch it :P…

  61. Shuhaib vk says:

    India cool in cool

  62. Lalit ghosh says:

    I love india

  63. Nishad vazikkadavu says:

    I like it india

  64. Shiju says:

    India is wanderfull players&dhoöni is the hero on the game

  65. Anonymous says:

    True Legend!!! Don’t have words to describe!!! When world thinks over, that’s MSD starts!! Amazing!!

  66. From UK says:

    Yay! India Won :D

  67. rabin says:

    MS is the best

  68. Anup jangra says:

    M.s. Dhoni is a cricket king.

  69. Amieta says:

    So good

  70. Sodha says:


    • SL says:

      What happened with out the heart on someday???

      • Raju says:

        SL. you dont worry about that…India can manage that…time comes Dhoni will retire, New captan will take over..ok, Great Sachin, Great Dravid Anilkumble all great players retire, still India winning most of the matchs and cups…

  71. Md irshad alam says:

    India my best team

  72. ISMAIL HOSMAR says:

    any captain or any cricket team beat to MS DHONI for no dificult so very infossible. and since 1932 from 2013 until i can not see like this very comfortabe captain. very great captain cool MS DHONI. I LOVE MS DHONI MAS DHONI MS DHONI MS DHONI MS DHONI MS DHONI ………………………………….

  73. jayed khan says:

    dhoni meri jaan

  74. Anonymous says:

    dhoni meri jaan

  75. Rakesh kumar says:

    Jay ho…….ho…

  76. Jeyamanimaran says:

    Great win by india

  77. Ameerali says:

    Team india camon fantastic captain dhoni

  78. Anonymous says:

    This is the power of milk

  79. MithunkumeraNahak says:


  80. sameer says:

    i love Ms dhoni performance he is the real hero of india team

  81. rathnam says:

    ms dhoni is fire outstanding finish

  82. Shaikh Moiz says:

    Dhoni Is The Best. 2007 t20 world cup champion. CB Serice champion. 3 IPL champion 2011 world cup champion And just Icc champion Trophy and Tri Serice Champion. So nice captan Ms Dhoni

  83. Dipak says:

    Mr cool acchiv new tropy

  84. Anonymous says:

    Its awsome by dhoni he is very kind hearted man he gave cup 2 kohli because he deservb it nd long time ago he gave a captancy 2 ganguly in his last test match.

  85. Dev says:


  86. Deepak gaur rajput says:

    Winner sixer

  87. Jkl says:

    Congurats india

  88. Anonymos says:


  89. Sud says:

    Jho jeeta wohi Shikander

  90. Radhakant says:

    I hate them who hate dhoni.

  91. shashank says:

    bad luck lanka. its dhoni day

  92. ashutosh(jugunu)barhaj(up) says:

    Ram by ravan
    Ind vs sri
    Win thematch ram(dhoni)

    Ram ne mara chka lank ke hui har

  93. ashutosh(jugunu)barhaj(up) says:

    Ram vs dsmudewala ind vs sri ram(dhoni)win by thefinalmatch so vere happy ram(dhoni)

  94. informer says:

    indian guys did it with the help of virat and now they are pretending that msd the great.actually msd is a foooooooool

    • Anonymous says:

      wat was d score of d virat in final ????

    • Kumar says:

      A man say what ever if not liking him ok .. He is the man who stands for long time and won the match .. He is man who gave trophy to hold virat ..if you don’t realize this then u are a fooooooool not him

    • Magnum says:

      Your are plain pathetic moron who have nothing else than complaining, its Team India that won and Dhoni is the proud leader of Team India, dont bring your shiity politics in it if so you are the biggest fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      U r dumb for saying that u fool

    • Anonymous says:

      You r idiot

    • YO says:

      Pakis still got craps to say about indian team lol

    • Raju says:

      u r fool my friend, u didnot watch that match.. u watch highlights and put comments ok..MSD is great still and ever..

  95. Raju says:

    This is also another mile stone for indian rockss

  96. arun kumar aruni [japan] says:

    india is real best ilove you dhoni you r cool cool msd

  97. shivp says:

    thank you for the hightlights

  98. Anonymous says:

    good win by msd

  99. pandy.p says:

    i m always correct thanks god,cool MSD outstanding finish

  100. Joe says:

    MSD does it again

    • Anonymous says:

      that foooool cant do anything

      • Anti-"anonymous" says:

        If u can’t ,pls. don’t criticize Dhoni. If u stand in that situation then u will wet the pitch YOU FOOOOOL

      • Raju says:

        I believe ur the fool, thats y ur not in the felied

  101. Vimal says:

    India is best..Dhoni is real Lion..Thaks for the Highlights..

  102. manzoor says:

    outstanding finish !excellent !

  103. jayawant gavali says:

    captain cool dhoni india is the best

  104. Nataraj kdmr says:

    Bhuvanaswar kumar good bowler

  105. sundar says:

    i love dhoni as a captain

  106. Anonymous says:

    ms dhoni :P

  107. Anonymous says:


  108. dev mehta says:

    india best

  109. dev says:

    Dhoni rocks……..

  110. abhiram nayak says:

    india is the lion and dhoni is the lions king

    • mark says:

      ha ha haaa India is never lion nor kings……ther’s only one GREAT LION NATION ON EARTH AND IN CRICKET… THAT’S SRI LANKA….dont try to borrow from others what u really dont have…

      • Indian Cricket Fan says:

        Your behind is burning!!! HA…HA…HA…

      • True Teller says:

        Ha ha very funny. Are u lions? Not humans? We know you are not humans. And there is no any lions in Sri Lankan forests also. At least you just have one in your flag. You fools. You are always runners up.

      • OYEE says:

        You only have lion in your flag :P….Srilanka is great in nothing even though i have respect for srilanka as a cricket team…BTW srilanka still cant beat Indian lol

  111. RATNESH KAUSHAL says:


  112. shakti kumar says:

    thanks ms dhoni

  113. Anonymous says:

    <3 love u india & dhoni…

  114. Anonymous says:

    de dana dan

  115. gold says:

    very cool captain dhoni…

  116. Anonymous says:

    sri Lanka never wins against India in final meet sri lanka team needs to change the whole players and take new talent

  117. indian says says:


  118. abhijeet gupta dehradun says:


    • mark says:

      whole world know Indian are DOGs….as u mentioned, better u realise ur true nature… but dont try to equal others (Mathew) to that cheap Indian level. He is a real gentlman and wold knows it.

      • Indian Cricket Fan says:

        Mark, looks like you can’t see what the truth is. I can understand Sri Lanka keeps loosing against INDIA and people like you feel jealous about it. But, accept the fact that Indian team is lot better than the LIONS that you are referring to. You don’t have sportsman spirit. INDIA ROCKS!!! Sri Lanka SUCKS!!

      • jiggy says:

        mark….better u suicide…

      • Baluin says:

        Ha ha ha ha…Mathew and sri lanka in higher level…ha ha ha..dont yiur a** on jealousy

      • Indiarules says:

        stfu you nigga black asshole, goto hell and burn

  119. Sunny says:

    Very good india

    • shaker says:

      sanga was the best player in the final match

      • umar Dubai says:

        sri lanka never ever wins against India in final meet .they scared of them that’s why they always losing the final battle

        • mark says:

          never win…dont be stupid man… India also had the same problem in past when they had much bigger stalwats like SRT,Gangu,Dravid,Kumble etc…any team can have lean period.India’s turn will start soon, bcos now they are in good form which they gonna lost soon. then u see

  120. LUCKY.BIRLA says:

    Dhoni is the Master

  121. Prem says:

    India is best and proud to have capt. Like MSD

  122. Anonymous says:

    Aroon LAAALLL !!!

  123. K.N. Srinivasan says:

    Dhoni deserves Bharat Ratna.

  124. whoisit says:

    Arun Lal’s last time as presenter!! What a jacka$$

  125. IndianFan says:

    Dhoni is the Master mind . As soon as he hit the first 6 all the Lankan’s senior player knew they are loosing this one too :)

  126. Anonymous says:

    Very bad presenter. Should have picked someone from the host country.

  127. ali says:


  128. suresh says:

    We Love u Dhoni………Bhai
    You are the real Captain Ever…………

  129. zaki says:

    wanna see man of steel in real watch him playing winning shot for india……

  130. kumar says:

    Prove india is the best team in the world

  131. MS Does it Again says:

    Arun Lal – next time start with the trophy just in case :-)

  132. Anonymous says:

    Arun lal got so excited he forgot to award the trophy – probably admiring the Ranger that B Kumar got :-)

  133. Mahi says:

    Part 4 is allready there, a crap presantation by presantator in this ceremony

  134. Sunil says:

    Nice six dhoni

  135. madusanka says:

    great Anji great srilanka

  136. Anonymous says:

    whats the new time?

  137. Asim says:

    Dhoni the ultimate player

  138. vish says:

    thanks for uploading part3 can you please upload part4 ASP. thanks

  139. taj says:

    Thanks so much ‘my cricket’

  140. savio says:

    time 2 have a strong tea

  141. azii says:

    waitin for next …

  142. yasir says:

    good good good india

  143. Sam says:


  144. Anonymous says:


  145. N says:


  146. Dodgy says:

    Dhoni the finisher

  147. manzoor says:

    well done india

  148. Jude says:

    Well done hats off to Indian team

  149. shane warne says:

    good game played by srilankans

  150. Shaan says:

    Take a bow “Mr supercool” hats off to you, you are amazing, you proved time after time. Congrats INDIA, sabash

  151. Anonymous says:

    nice Dhoni

  152. NCCN says:

    where are 3rd part of highlights?

  153. zafar says:

    i m always correct thanks god

  154. Manoj says:


  155. Nike says:

    As usual…. Dhoni u haved proved it again

  156. Attinder says:

    Bow Down to Dhoni!

    • Gaurav says:

      Anhoni ko honi karde mera favourite Dhoni….

      • shammi says:

        sri lanka must change some players like chandimal maling tharanga lakmal kushal must open with dilshan mahela hase to go back his no4 possitin pls sri lankan selecter think still we love cricket. sanath do something.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Sreeraj Chandhu says:

          What a wonderfull finishing

        • nalin says:

          im sri lankan i love our team and i like dhoni his very talented and lucky cricketer