Ben Dunk Slams Hobart Into Oblivion

Ben Dunk Slams Hobart Into Oblivion, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

Adelaide Strikers had the fire of their hopes stirred up by a stunning performance by Ben Dunk, who copped a half century and ended the day not out after having scored 79 runs in total. His run making would play a crucial part in helping lead the Strikers that much closer to the finals of the Big Bash League.

At the close of the innings of the Hurricanes, Adelaide were given a 162-run chase, after Beau Webster and Jonathan Wells spearheaded Hobart's efforts, maintaining a partnership that produced 89 strong runs. Their efforts certainly made the chase a formidable one, but the inconsistency of their teammates made sustaining their victory an uphill battle.

The drama was at its peak, as Dunk had a whirlwind of controversy surrounding him, especially with regard to the match that presented itself as the 18th match of the BBL, where he would now be forced to face his former team from which he had been traded near the close of last year. Dunk, however, showed no form of fear or intimidation despite being challenged by a team that already "knows his moves". In fact, he put an end to the questions surrounding his having been traded, by becoming the second-leading run-scorer in the League.

It is incumbent to keep an eye on Dunk, as he has proven himself time and time again in this League, having been dubbed "player of the tournament" in BBL 2013. Moreover, the excitement continues, as Adelaide can smell the victorious scent of the BBL final trophy, set to take place on January 28, 2017.

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