The BPL Team Theme Tunes Blew Our Minds This Year

By Stuart Garlick

The Bangladesh Premier League has brought fun back to cricket, its daily diet of blistering batting and aggressive bowling helping us all to get our T20 fix in between all that super-serious Test cricket. However, the ingredient that has made the BPL possibly the most fun cricket league in the world is the eclectic mix of team theme tunes. Below, MyCricketHighlights lifts the lid on the best and worst.

Barisal Bulls
Sounds like a dark and disturbing look into a dystopian future, even with people doing their best with an atmospheric dance to the song. Bulls supporters who have seen their team's batting collapses this season might say that future isn't so far off. If the theme tune were a bit more positive, perhaps the team would be too.

Chittagong Vikings
The most Bollywood of the theme tunes; it's impossible to resist the charms of a theme tune that shouts "hooray hooray!" This is also a video that involves local people, running joyously with the flag, making the Vikings look like a real community team. There are some lovely views of the port city of Chittagong that could have come straight from the tourist board.

Comila Victorians
This is so hi-NRG that it's disappointing the Comila Victorians didn't come out and take their place in the field for every match carrying glow-sticks and wearing bright green Air Maxes. This will appeal to lovers of EDM and David Guetta, and one imagines that's exactly the kind of person who is supposed to enjoy T20 cricket. It makes me think perhaps T20 should go to Ibiza too...

Dhaka Dynamites
The Dynamites' theme tune is the epitome of sunny, shiny pop, and can make anyone feel glad about their day - it really is that nice. It's not the kind of thing you'd expect a batsman to listen to before a 25-ball 50 of slog-sweeps, but it is full of joy for life. "Bang, bang, bang, hey!"

Khulna Titans
The Titans seem to be going for all-out aggression in their theme music, the video for which is shot in a dark warehouse last used in Batman vs. Superman. Probably. The team that has been out-smashing the opposition in the BPL this season try to terrify the audience with an inexplicably-shirtless bodybuilder, followed by some cricketers, a dancer, and the names of the star players on the screen over a weirdly-misplaced dubstep break. Odd and rather unsettling.

Rajshahi Kings
The Raj Kings have decided the best way to motivate their fans is with a tune somewhere between Coldplay's "Clocks" and Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Zephyr Song". A bit like the Kings themselves this season, the result is something pleasant and appealing, but not overly threatening.

Rangpur Riders
This goes full Eurovision in its quest for the dance edge over the opposition. The singer is really going for it, and there's a fantastic montage of the best pictures of the key players. Also enjoyable is how the word "Rideeeeeerrrrrs!" at the start made me think of the cry of "Turtle Power!" at the end of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song.

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