Bravo and Cameron Put Differences Aside

Bravo and Cameron Put Differences Aside
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights West Indies Writer

Up to June of this year, the ongoing rift between president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dave Cameron, and top order West Indies batsman, Darren Bravo, had led to the ruling that Bravo would not be allowed to play both at the domestic and international levels, until he deleted his infamous text calling Cameron a "big idiot".

The "Big Idiot" Scandal

Earlier in the year, WICB administrator, Cameron, had made a public statement indicating that Bravo was not deserving of a contract higher than the "C" grade level agreement that he had been offered. He went as far as to imply that the reason for such a low-level contract being offered to Bravo was that his record of performances was poor and as such that he was not deserving of a higher contract.

As an alleged reaction to the offering of this level of contract, a tweet had been posted on Bravo's Twitter account which referred to Cameron as a "big idiot". However, Bravo later made claims that sufficient measures had not been taken to investigate whether he had, in fact, published the tweet himself, as no official contact had been made with the star player.

Far-Reaching Consequences

Far beyond the apparent scope of the scandal brewing between Bravo and Cameron, Bravo was prevented from engaging in any form of cricket play, which caused his movements to be restricted, even as it concerned his participation in the Caribbean Premier League, for which he had already signed a contract pledging his desire to serve in that tournament.

Many a debate had begun to surface, questioning whether the draconian actions of the WICB were ethically sound, as Bravo was even, at one point, inhibited from playing for his own country in a local venture.

Taking the Matter to Court

The conflict escalated to the point where Bravo was motivated to file a suit against Cricket West Indies (formerly the WICB) claiming damages for what he dubbed lost earnings valued at around US$120,000.

This action by Bravo seemed to stump the CWI, as they repeatedly purported that they were "surprised" by his actions, especially as they believed they were further along in the process of successfully negotiating an apology and way forward in their relationship with the playerthey were "surprised".

Cameron's Technical Apology

After a long and hard-fought eight-month stand-off, the question sign was still raised in the minds of players and avid spectators who had been following the saga, as the likelihood of a compromise between both parties did not seem to be on the horizon.

And then, it hit the media like sun in a freak storm, with President Cameron issuing an official statement of apology for having implied that Bravo had, prior to the "C" class contract, been issued an "A" class contract—a crucial miscommunication which, he maintains, had never been the case.

Cameron extended his apology by urging that no offense was intended by that slip of the facts, and further emphasized Bravo's valuable role in the West Indies team framework, along with his well wishes for his future as a player on the regional and international scene.

Bravo Removes His Tweet

And like a domino effect that took an earthquake to even begin, Bravo's apology followed, with the player acknowledging that his response to the actions of the CWI was inappropriate, and declaring his intention to remove the tweet in question—a statement which was honoured soon after.
Bravo continued by reaffirming his commitment to the development of West Indies cricket in all its facets.

Hope for West Indies Cricket

In a landscape that has been made barren by poor communication between players and the board established to represent them, the public resolution between President Cameron and Darren Bravo is a breath of fresh air that has been long in coming.
Much is still to be desired with regard to the continued development and maintenance of positive interaction and relationship which, it is hoped, will lead to the formation and enforcement of strategies that will set the course of a progressive West Indies cricket campaign going forward, based on solid analysis and strong tactics via player and administrative collaboration.

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