Kings XI Live to See Another Day

Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Kings XI Punjab beat Kolkata Knight Riders


Kings XI Live to See Another Day, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

The fate of Kings XI Punjab hangs on a thin thread in the Indian Premier League, and yet there seems to be more thread for them to cling to, as they secured a win against Kolkata Knight Riders in the 49th match today at Mohali. Kings will need two more wins if they wish to stand a chance at the final.

Kings XI pulled out all stops tonight, as they showed unwavering resolve as legbreak bowler, Rahul Tewatia, in his debut match of the tournament, turned up the heat in the last stretch of overs, to throw his opponents completely off balance with his deadly spin.

It was through the efforts of Tewatia that the "star of the show" for the Knight Riders, Chris Lynn, who had topped the scoring sheet with 84 runs and had held steadily up to that point, was then sent packing. This, through much craftiness and consistent pressure from Tewatia, who bowled a full delivery which angled into off-stump, as the hearts of Kolkata fans and players suddenly leapt out of their chests.

After Lynn responded with an awkward blast towards deep midwicket, the series of unfortunate events continued with a poorly timed run in an attempt to keep Lynn facing the ball. However, this was not the time for even the slightest move out of place, as a critical display of teamwork between Axar Patel and wicketkeeper, Wriddhiman Saha put a deflating spoke into the wheel of progress that had been turning smoothly for Kolkata up to that point.

After they lost their hero, the momentum and hope of the Knight Riders dwindled to nothingness, and Tewatia and company took advantage of the sudden decline in merciless fashion, to land the unlikely but desperately needed victory for Kings XI Punjab.

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