Buttler Serves Up a Feast: Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians | Match 22 | IPL 10 | April 20 - 2017

Indian Premier League
Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians win by eight wickets


22nd match: Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians at Indore, April 20 -2017, Cricket Highlights.

Mumbai Indians benefited from the return to form of Jos Buttler, whose 77 helped anchor their innings and send the team on the highest run-chase of the Indian Premier League this season. As a bonus, Mumbai are also back on top of the table, though King's XI Punjab put up a fine fight and were close to taking the points themselves. Hashim Amla's masterful 104 not out would normally be the kind of batting that would win a T20 match, but the South African was not so lucky, with even good backing from Glenn Maxwell and a final score of 198/4 not enough.

Mohit Sharma and Aussie international Marcus Stoinis took the wickets in the Mumbai innings, but on a wicket that was relatively predictable for batsmen, it was always going to be down to the best with the bat to decide the winner. Parthiv Patel with 37 and Nitish Rana with 62 both helped Buttler push his side into contention, as Mumbai Indians won by eight wickets and set a marker for the other IPL sides this season.

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Kings XI Punjab

Mumbai Indians

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