Kolkata or Mumbai for Friday's 2nd Qualifier?

Kolkata or Mumbai for Friday's 2nd Qualifier?, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

Never has there been a more menacing showdown than that scheduled for the 2nd Qualifier on Friday, May 19, 2017 at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders. Kolkata enter Qualifier 2 as the clear underdogs on a desperate quest for redemption; while Mumbai serve as a constant threat against the challenge and overall psyche of Kolkata. Along with that psychological advantage, several factors could impact heavily on Friday's outcome, with room being left for the general possibility that a glorious uncertainty could become reality.

The History of Repeated Losses for Kolkata

Mumbai Indians are far ahead of Kolkata Knight Riders as it concerns the record of wins and losses between them, with Mumbai having won 15 out of the 20 match encounters that they have had with Kolkata in this year's installation of the IPL alone.

Mumbai appear to hold some form of kryptonite when they face Kolkata, as the Knight Riders seem unable to come to grips with the approach of their worst enemy in the league.

Their most recent loss against Mumbai came at Eden Gardens, the very home turf of Kolkata, wherein Mumbai destroyed Kolkata's chances of advancing toward the top two in the league.

Inconsistency of KKR's line-up

Beyond their habitual losses, the inconsistency amongst the bowlers of Kolkata has become increasingly evident, as the bowlers who stand as top two wicket-takers - Chris Woakes and Umesh Yadav have taken 38.75% of their wickets, which actually serves as the lowest contributions from the top-two bowlers for any team.

This is not the most promising statistic, and combined with the apparent inability by KKR to establish a reliable batting order, the constant rotation of openers suggests a lack of confidence in their depth and the failure to discover a secure strategy of defense.

The Subtle Threat of the Underdog

Their weaknesses being counted against them, Kolkata was able to defeat—albeit by virtue of the Duckworth Lewis method—a team that had, by the assessment of many an analyst, a statistical advantage over them.

In fact, the top three batsmen of Sunrisers Hyderabad had been deemed as having the highest batting average of any team in the IPL, while Kolkata's openers followed them by about 9 runs.

Thus, it is never wise to cast off the chances of a team that has won even once and which comprises of stars of international scale, as in the game of glorious uncertainties, the possibilities are endless despite a statistical advantage lying with Mumbai for Friday's Qualifier.

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Kolkata or Mumbai for Friday's 2nd Qualifier? | Who Will Win? | Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai 0001

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