RCB Destroy the Kings

Indian Premier League
Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kings XI Punjab by 138 runs.


RCB Destroy the Kings, Cricket Highlights.
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

It was more or less an easy cruise to the win by Royal Challengers Bangalore, as Christopher Henry Gayle set his team up in prime position for victory with a solid total, and then had his efforts well supported by consistent bowling.

Gayle's batting prowess was the talk of the day, as he reeled off 117 runs off of just 57 balls, establishing a threatening and defiant tone against the attempts from the bowlers of Kings XI Punjab.

To make matters worse, the Kings missed the mark when it came to fielding, as many a dropped catch could have changed the fate of the match, had it been saved. One such "miss" came while Gayle had the bat. When he had scarcely made a half century, Manan Vohra had the chance to lay hand on it at deep square leg, but found it slipping through his hands, allowing Gayle to live on and prosper.

In response to this deathly challenge, it would have been understandable if Kings XI would have been a bit cautious in their approach so as to prioritize preservation while maintaining eyes on the target. However, the sluggishness with which they swung led one to think that they had given up before they had even begun their innings, perhaps with the dastardly total at the forefront of their minds.

RCB had an easy day of it, especially after Gayle's leadership with the bat. Furthermore, the crumbling of the Kings' defense further directed the match in favour of RCB, telling a triumphant tale of victory for them, while delivering a dismal ditty for Punjab.

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RCB Destroy the Kings | Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab | Match 43 | IPL 10 | May0001

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Kings XI Punjab

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