RCB Grab A Win In the Last Stretch

Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Delhi Daredevils by 10 runs.


RCB Grab A Win In the Last Stretch, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

In a match that could have very well ended up in the hands of Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangalore proved themselves to be worthy of the task, and claimed a consolation victory in the 52nd match of the Indian Premier League, hosted at Delhi.

With a figure of 162 runs left for Delhi to chase, it was perhaps prematurely surmised that Delhi's batsmen would be able to pay respect to the stoic performance of their bowlers, who fought to restrict RCB when presented with the ball.

However, Risbah Pant was left as a man on a lonely island, with no lifeboat of support from his fellow batsmen anywhere in sight. He managed 45 off 34 balls, but, as the last man standing, was left in a most vulnerable position, and received a brutal stumping from Harshal Patel's clever offcutter.

The failings of Delhi aside, Chris Gayle was able to blaze a final trail of glory for the Challengers, as he and Virat Kohli produced a partnership that lasted 66 runs before Gayle was sent packing after a mistimed effort landed in the safe hands of Zaheer Khan at midwicket.

Much more is to be celebrated for RCB than to be chided for Delhi, as Royal Challengers have at least added a feather to their caps of being able to bow out of the tournament with a taste of glory and revelry, rather than ending with the same bitter taste that repeated failures had left in their mouths throughout.

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RCB Grab A Win In the Last Stretch | Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore | IPL | Mat0001

Delhi Daredevils

Royal Challengers Bangalore

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