South Africa Close the Deal

South Africa vs Sri Lanka
392 & 224/7 dec
110 & 224

South Africa defeated Sri Lanka by 282 runs.


South Africa Close the Deal, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

On Day 4, Sri Lanka pleaded the "fifth", without their 2nd Test against South Africa having to make it to the 5th official day, as South Africa stamped their dominance with finality, winning by a glorious 228 runs. Throughout the 1st test and in this 2nd, it was particularly evident that Sri Lanka was not in the mode for a patient striking of runs as the opportunities presented themselves. Rather, a chaotic and reckless display was to become the lasting mark on the Sri Lankan batting order.

Kagiso Rabada, who has been a prolific performer for his team throughout this Test and the last, was nothing short of the tallest order of bowlers, as he claimed a whopping 6 wickets over the course of 17 overs, riding home on a chariot as the triumphant hero, a fact heralded by fan and foe alike.

On the other side of the pitch, while Sri Lanka had a date with destiny via a foreseen loss, they did experience some noteworthy contributions, with JK Silva managing 29 runs as an opening batsman; while Angelo Mathews fell for one short of a half century, when Quinton de Kock caught him off a ball bowled by Rabada. Rangana Herath also batted commendably, ending the day not out on 35 runs.

It came as a blow to South Africa's ego that their usual "star", Kyle Abbott, was "missing in action" as it concerns being able to contribute anything of worth toward the Test side. Abott must have had a lot weighing on his mind, while his team experienced some challenges that his absence only accelerated. However, in the long run, Sri Lanka was by no means focussed to approach the Test at hand, but seemed to demonstrate a more rushed form of batting.

It will now be in our best interest and in that of the players, to hope for entertaining displays in the 3rd test, along with a greater awareness of which shot presents itself as strikeable, as opposed to the swinging and missing at every ball as though they were not defective.

South Africa Close the Deal | South Africa vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test, Cape Town | Day 4 | January 5,0001

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