South Africa Hit It Out the Park vs England

England vs South Africa
205 & 1/0
335 & 343/9 dec

England now need 473 runs to beat South Africa.


South Africa Hit It Out the Park vs England, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

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On a day set for dominance and utter annihilation of any attempts by England to surpass the overwhelming presence of South Africa's batsmen, the tone was set for a victory run that doesn't seem penetrable, as South Africa was in a record-setting mood from the very "get go".

Setting a target of 474 runs, South Africa made a total that has never been set by a team at Trent Bridge in the fourth innings, regardless of the overall match result and the presence of fair weather. In pulling off this amazing feat, they exceeded the former marker of 440, set by New Zealand in 2003.

Hashim Amla was was the calm catalyst of South Africa's surge to success, as he took a laid-back leap to 80 runs off 180 balls, helping to bewilder the hearts of the English bowlers, who attempted to carve out every possible tactic to snatch his wicket, but were unable to do so until Liam Dawson got him lbw after Joe Root called for a review following a not out call by umpire, Paul Reiffel.

England's bowlers failed cataclysmically in their bid to restrict South Africa in any way, shape or form, as they were unable to claim wickets with any consistency, which gave South Africa's batsmen free rein to bat comfortably and explore the range of the pitch with no real sense of urgency.

England seem lacking in certainty and confidence concerning not only their approach to with the ball, but as it concerns the frequency and poor timing of their reviews, as several of their calls were unsure and yielded fruitless results. Thus, the chance of this test swinging somehow back into their favour seems all the more unlikely, especially with the contrast of South Africa's strong and unwavering performance with the bat.

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