St. Lucia Stars "Almost" Win vs Jamaica Tallawahs

St. Lucia Stars "Almost" Win vs Jamaica Tallawahs, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

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It seems that St. Lucia Stars are finding it hard to come out of the "losing hole" that they have dug for themselves throughout the course of the 2017 Caribbean Premier League, as in today's 14th Match showing, they gave away an incredible lead to again hand victory over to their opponents—this time in the form of the Jamaica Tallawahs, and thus losing for the sixth time in a row.

It was a most jawdropping realization: that the Stars could have come so far into the hallway of victory and then be told they were not allowed to go enter through its doors; but such was to be the harsh reality for them, as Jamaica Tallawahs found fifth gear and sped up their efforts in fine fashion when they were told they needed 40 runs off of just three overs. To the average team, this feat would have been deemed impossible, but Jamaica Tallawahs have been resonating a newfound confidence in this year's installment of the CPL, standing up to any challenge and finding a way to win.

Perhaps St. Lucia Stars would have done well not to relax as much as they did after having set a target of 174, and managing to rein in the openers that had tried their hand at presenting a challenge; but then Mitchell McClenaghan committed the ultimate offense of letting loose 20 runs throughout his over, leading to an opening of the floodgates for the Tallawahs, who crept in at the very sight of the gap.

The spellbounding showman, Andre McCarthy, was unshakeable in his mission to move his team forward under the pressure of the few remaining overs, as he paid no respect to any of the Stars' bowling efforts, knocking away six after boundary after six, and ending unbeaten with 84 off 53 balls. He was ably supported by Imad Wasim and Rovman Powell, who anchored his brave batting exhibitions with steady partnerships.

The future for the Stars looks dim as it concerns advancement throughout this tournament. Their performance today was a vast improvement, as they set the atmosphere for a strong win, but allowed it to fall through the cracks when the Tallawahs managed to stage an effective uprising and turn things in their favour. St. Lucia Stars would do well to summon the will to not crack under even unforeseen pressure, so that a win can finally be cultivated and secured to the end for them.

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St. Lucia Stars "Almost" Win vs Jamaica Tallawahs | St. Lucia Stars vs Jamaica Tallawahs | CPL, 0001

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