The Clash of the Melbournes

The Clash of the Melbournes, CricketHighlights
by Kristina Newsam, MyCricketHighlights Writer

It was the glorious battle of the "Melbournes": Melbourne Renegades against Melbourne Stars, to set the stage for the 19th match of the Big Bash League in Australia. Kevin Pietersen was the man at the helm of the celebration of the Stars, as he enjoyed a prolific batting stay and racked up 73 runs in fine style.

With the outcome of this match in favour of the Stars, they are now catapulted into equal standing on the points table with the Renegades, bringing both within arm's reach of the finals. Rob Quiney served as a formidable foundation from which Pitersen was able to continue building the Stars' 200-run total.

The progress of the Stars was also glittered by a productive partnership between Pietersen and Glen Maxwell, earning a joint 65 runs. However, their shine was dimmed when James Pattinson stepped in to give a brave and outstanding bowling effort on behalf of the Renegades. In his attack, he claimed the likes of Luke Wright, Maxwell, and Sam Harper.

Despite the commendable attempts made by Quiney, Chris Tremain and Sunil Narine, the massive total established by the Stars was almost too blinding to behold the gaze. Thus, most of the batsmen for the Renegades disappeared after clinching only single-figured tallies, doing far too little to affect their own scorecard significantly.

From this match, one can easily discern that the Renegades need to revamp their order so as to compensate for the apparent weaknesses in their overall framework. It is also exciting to anticipate whether the Stars will be able to "see their names in lights" as the matches progress and the final draws closer.

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