What Cricket Bat Should I Buy?

By Stuart Garlick

Watching cricket is a wonderful experience, but of course we all would love to emulate our heroes out on the pitch. "What cricket bat should I buy?" is one of the most frequent questions asked by new or experienced players. When you go into a new season with your club, you need to go with equipment that makes you feel good and confident in the middle. Let's look at how to choose and buy a cricket bat.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a cricket bat to buy is what sort of cricket player you are. If you're more of a bowler than a batsman, and perhaps batting is a weakness of yours, or if you're not very experienced in the game of cricket, then getting the ball to the boundary every time isn't your primary concern. Instead, you should pick a balanced bat that is not too heavy, and gives you the freedom to play whatever shots need to be played, while giving you control. While the favoured brand differs from player to player, many people believe that Gunn & Moore, the long-standing British bat-maker, produces a good range of traditional bats that may not give you maximum power, but do give you a fine range of shot options, and confidence when the ball comes to you.

If you're a specialist batsman who often plays long games at the top of the order, you should be looking to buy a cricket bat that compliments your personal playing style. This means something that allows you to play with precision, hitting those gaps and eluding the fielders. This sort of player is coming back into vogue in international Test cricket, with the likes of Matt Renshaw of Australia and Joe Root of England showing how important it is to have a reliable batsman who looks after his wicket. "Feel" should be your friend when it comes to picking a bat. Pick up the bat, run through a few actions, and try to imagine how it will feel with a ball on the middle. You're your team's go-to, and you have enough to worry about simply picking the right shot - you don't need to be worrying about your equipment, so choose it carefully. New Balance has a nice range of bats for players like you, but try out every brand you can, and find your favourite.

For the big-hitters, the middle-order glory-boys, there are more choices than ever before. This is because players like Chris Gayle, Kevin Pietersen and David Warner are the rock-star heroes of T20 cricket, and a lot of younger players fancy themselves as taking after them. In truth, a good club cricketer should focus on being himself, not being Chris Gayle, but there are cricket numerous bats out there to make it easier to find the sweet spot and slog a six in the 16th over. Kookaburra and Woodworm are two brands who are well-known for heavier bats, but which carry larger sweet-spots and enable more power in the shot, making it far more likely you'll be getting spectators to "start the car," as commentator David Lloyd says.

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